Second Eurobend Machine

May 25, 2021

Due to the increasing demand for framed pocket spring units, Wolf Components is installing a second new Eurobend frame making machine.

Currently around 90% of our unit production has either one or two frames attached.

Given this demand and the development of our capacity in the last 12 months, our need for frames has grown to a level where a single machine has not been able to keep up.

We are pleased to now have ample capacity to grow our production of framed units for the foreseeable future. 

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New 1000 Series VSS

August 16, 2021

As a truly independent British manufacturer, Wolf Components has continued to invest in our VSS mini springs over the last year, growing both capacity and developing new products to suit all customer requirements. At this years Bed Show, Wolf will be showcasing our new 1000 Series VSS mini spring sheet with an increased 30mm height […]

Join Wolf Components at The Bed Show

June 15, 2021

We are delighted to announce that Wolf Components will be attending the NBF Bed Show for the first time this year.

Investing in 160 Coils a Minute

May 25, 2021

Last year at Wolf Components we made the decision to increase our production capacity for pocket spring units.

New Supplier Members

April 7, 2021

Wolf Components are delighted to have been accepted as supplier members of the National Bed Federation, representing an important milestone in our development from a new company to an established industry supplier.

New Year, New Machines

December 29, 2020

Plenty of activity in the Wolf Components factory this morning as we start preparing for the new machinery which is on its way from Lian Rou. The new machines will add 30% capacity to our pocket spring unit production and an additional 25% to our VSS mini spring capacity.

Certified Renewable

October 7, 2020

Wolf Components are proud to have partnered with edf energy to increase the sustainability of all our products and reduce our customers carbon footprint by ensuring our entire manufacturing facility is now utilising certified renewable energy.