Investing in 160 Coils a Minute

Last year at Wolf Components we made the decision to increase our production capacity for pocket spring units. Given the success we had with the Lian Rou 120 coil-a-minute machines, purchased in 2017, we decided to invest in the new Lian Rou 160 coil-a-minute dual wire machines and their new high speed assembler.

Due to travel restrictions we were unable to visit their factory to inspect the machines, so trusted our instincts and purchased blind. 

Having received the machines in March this year we have now had a chance to familiarise ourselves with their capabilities and we are delighted with our investment. The pocket coilers happily run all day at 160 coils per minute and the dual wire feature provides real flexibility for zoning or super-fast specification change overs. The new assembler has been the biggest surprise, it easily handles three 160 coil-a-minute machines and has amazing flexibility. 

The only challenge this has created is that our original four year old machines now seem slow in comparison!

Fortunately we enjoy investing and are passionate about technology and developing our productivity, so further investments seem to be inevitable…